Disturbed night 😲

We were disturbed at 02.20 by clucking and squawking from the hens. The same hens which supply us with gorgeous free range eggs. We quickly put boots and coats on and legged it across to their hen house and run. We were confronted with Mr or possibly Mrs fox in the hen house. Our worst nightmare. There was already one casualty which it was trying to drag under the run wall where it had dug into the run. It then climbed vertically up the run fence to try and escape over the top. We do have a roof on it so foxy was unsuccessful. Mr fox finally left the run by the same route he had entered. We blocked the hole as a quick fix. This morning fencing and a solar powered electric fence battery was bought. We will be on tenter hooks until it arrives and we are able to put it in place to keep our girls safe.

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